31 March 2011

30 March 2011

I've decided that bulbs are the ultimate sneaky plant. W hen I've come home from the garden shop with a new plant the evidence is pretty much right there. Bulbs however can be snuck into the ground and when they appear months later one can feign complete innocence. "How on earth did that get there?" or "conditions must have been just right for them this year". Case in point - I"VE planted some freesias under "the tree" in the round bed in the courtyard. We've never (or at least not yet) fond out what that tree is. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself "what can you call a tree when you don't actually know what the tree is called?" And the answer was obvious really "Clayton" the name for a tree when you don't have a name for a tree (as opposed to the drink you have when you're not having a drink). So the freesias have been planted under Clayton and I'm going to put some ranunculis in there as well. That should take case of the spring flowering. I'm thinking of putting in 3 pink salvias which should flower pretty much from Spring to Autumn. The agapanthus will take care of Summer and the Princettia will give colour during Autumn and Winter. So that's the entire year taken care of in just one bed. Obviously I need cuttings of the salvias and princettias in order to have enough plants to do it but they will come along eventually.

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