29 March 2011

28 March 2011 (B)

"Rosehips and Crabapples" has proved to be a wonderful read (yes I know, finished already!). Susan Irvine and her husband have a house in Tasmania "Forest Hall" which has an extensive garden featuring surprise, surprise roses and crabapples.. Her book "Garden at Forest Hall" detailed the restoration of the house and garden... Rosehips and Crabapples is a "rose lovers diary". She has a nice conversational style and it is accompanied by lovely photos. Susan Irvine is an authority on Alistair Clarke roses and so a lot have been planted in her garden.

Today I got myself a few belated presents... at Big W I got two Dahlia tubers - Emily Jane and Gamiber Jane. My interest in Dahlias was sparked by Yvonne in Standish with her beautiful display every year out the front, She has given me a few tubers which she took out so I'm starting my very own Dahlia garden. I Also got seeds of poppy, larkspur and linaria... all plants which feature in "Rosehips and Crabapples". And I couldn't resist a Jiffy tray with lid (which now contains linaria seeds). After that I had a wander into Red Dot. I was impressed with the little $3 pots I got the other week but so much more impressed with the massive pot I got today - $30 and its now holding the 3 strawberry plants Chloe got. It has taken close to 50L of potting mix and is still a couple of inches from the top - it could probably easily take 60L.

After shopping I went back to Red Dot intending to get another one and wouldn't you know it... all gone!!! However, up the back of the shop there were mini greenhouses - plastic frames with clear plastic covers which zip up at the front - they were $45 but were now $15 - I was definitely getting on of those thank you very much.

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