06 June 2011

5 June 2011

Its getting decidedly chilly now. The other morning I took Chloe out for coffee and cake after school drop off just so I could buy myself something warm!! I must get Paul to get my winter stuff out of the attic.

We ended up having some great rainfall for the last few days of MAy and the roses have certainly shown their appreciation. One of the Lil Marlenes is doing extremely well for a change though the other is still looking decidedly poor still, they've always been a hassle. A number of the Bonicas are putting out fantastic watershoots. I'm going to go easy of them this year when pruning. The Magics are looking so green and bushy, they are obviously loving their new spot. Even Pierre is looking happy and healthy. I'm now thinking of buying him a giant pot and obelisk for him to climb, I don't think I'll even have the perfect spot for him. But on a plus if we ever (god forbid) moved at least he could come along.

The potato which I put into the potato sack is going great guns. Its got lots of green leaves on it now. Pretty soon I'll be able to dump more soil on it to increase the potato crop.

Did I mention the Vanilla Marigold seed I bought? I decided to plant up some of the seed early. I planted out 8 seeds in some seed raising mix and popped them into the green house and it looks like I've got 6 good seedlings from the batch. Now I've just got to keep them going along. The pack says a weak seaweed solution will do them good so that will be a job for today. I planted 8 sugar snap peas at the same time and all 8 are growing furiously - obviously they are just showing off!!!

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