13 September 2009

Could there be any greater day than today...

I've got to write this down right now because today verged on being so perfect that I never want to forget it.

1. I stayed in bed until 8am - unheard of!!!

2. The weather was glorious today, the sky was cornflower blue, not a cloud to be seen. It was delightfully warm with just the slightest hint of a breeze.

3. My boronia is smothered in flowers which means the most heavenly fragrance is sitting right outside my kitchen window and as the smell just makes my senses reel. There is simply no smell on earth more divine than boronia.

4. The kids were good today which for them is a real achievement. The boys helped deliver the catalogues today with no complaints and we walked further than normal and they were really good. They played outside for most of the day with the minimum of fights (well they cant be completely perfect).

5. Because the weather was so nice, we had a little picnic lunch in the backyard. It feels like forever since we've done that.

6. I fixed up the kids whiteboard/blackboard much to their delight (and even had chalk/markers so they could use it immediately).

7. I got so many jobs done, I spent a lot of time today just pottering around the backyard doing odd jobs plus I got 4 loads of washing done.

8. Chloe used the potty for the very first time (and ok it probably was a bit of a cheat because I put her on there as soon as she woke up but I dont care there was wee in the potty and that's all that counts).

9. I logged onto the computer tonight and found out that I won a blog give away. I never win anything let alone gorgeous material. So here we are my first blog give away win courtesy of idey spidey. And the fabric is to die for.

10. Now that I've finished this I'm going to have a lovely shower, climb into bed and rest my weary head. Because we've had a very full, very busy, very fun day. And I so hope we have lots, lots more of them.

Sweet dreams everyone!!!


  1. Oh, sounds like bliss. Maybe those sorts of days only come along rarely so that they attract maximum appreciation from us. Even though I don't know off-hand what a Boronia smells like, I challenge you that the smell of Jasmine is the most divine in the world!

  2. Nope sorry Tas, I have both Jasmine and Boronia at home and the Boronia wins hands down every time for me. However you do have to be one of the lucky ones that can smell it. For a significant number of people it has no fragrance at all.