04 June 2009

Autumn Colour

I'm glad I took a photo of the chestnut recently because its blowing a gale here today and its now all but leafless. Up until this morning it was looking like this...

Its interesting to see it change each year. This is the first deciduous tree that I've had, all the gardens I've known in the past have been native. I think this year it coloured up beautifully because we haven't had the strong winds and heavy rains which normally strip the leaves off early on in autumn.

Actually I'm sitting at the study window writing this and the ground is absolutely covered in pretty leaves, they've pretty much all fallen all at once.

Its so lovely to see the gorgeous autumn colour this year, I've really enjoyed (and noticed) all the lovely yellows and reds for a change. I'm tempted to get a dwarf Japanese Maple. I saw a gorgeous bonsai one once, wish I had have bought it at the time.

And just another because I love the colours...

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